JINTARO YURA Pinot Blanc "L'Abeille et le Papillon" 2022

Wine Region: Alsace - France

: Pinot Blanc, Auxerrois

Tasting notes: A pure, finesse and umami taste that comes from the clay-limestone soil. The fresh and linear acidity derived from the stainless steel tank ageing and the floral and mellow taste derived from the barrel aging are well balanced. It's a little hard right after opening, so if you're worried about it, drink it slowly or open it an hour before, and avoid decanting because it has a delicate taste.

About the winery:
Jintaro Yura, a Japanese winemaker based in Alsace, is carving a distinctive path in winemaking by highlighting the region's untapped potential. After honing his skills at Domaine Josmeyer and Domaine Hurst, he ventured into crafting his own wines at Domaine Gross, showcasing his original approach with a focus on lesser-known grape varieties and innovative winemaking techniques.