M. CHAPOUTIER Ermitage "De l'Oree" 2011

Wine Region: Rhone-Valley - France

Grape: Marsanne

Tasting notes: Appearance: intense golden yellow, with hints of green and gold.
Nose: very intense, hot shingles, toffee, very ripe, fruity lemon with floral overtones of acacia and hawthorn.
Palate: well-rounded start, full bodied, very complex with overtones of ripe fruits, spices and roasting. Very long in the mouth, with a fresh final note.

About the Winery:
Michel is a seventh-generation Chapoutier winemaker at Tain-L'Hermitage, having acquired the family estate in 1990. Michel earned a reputation for producing wines that are highly representative of where they are grown, true "snapshots of the terroir."