MOET & CHANDON Champagne Rose NV

Wine Region: Champagne - France

Grape: Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier

Tasting notes : A glowing colour pink with amber highlights. A lively, intense bouquet of red fruits (wild strawberry, raspberry,cherry) with floral nuances of rose and a slight hint of pepper. In the palate we have the juicy, persistent intensity of berries (strawberry, raspberry, redcurant), the fleshiness and firmness of peach and the freshness of a subtle note of menthol.

About the Winery :
It all began in 1446 when the brothers Jeand and Nicolas Moet were knighted by King Charles VII.This was the beginning of a family line which later gave its name to the most beautiful saga in the history of Champagne. Back in 1743 Claude Moet, a wine merchant founded the Maison Moet & Chandon and already built a reputation that was appreciated by the courts and women in particular. Later on, Jean Remy Moet transformed the Company into the first international luxury brand that has achieved, for more than 250 years to turn the genius of champagne into a seductive personality and share it with the entire world. Owned by the LVMH group since 1987, the House operates a rigorous selection of terroirs, of which the cellar master Benoit Gouez magnifies the singularity, vintage after vintage.