TERROIR Old Vintage Wine Opener

Enjoying a bottle of rare vintage wine is quite a pleasure; however, it is also a challenge to remove the old cork safely and entirely. In order to avoid crumbling old corks, it is necessary to prepare the right tool, an old wine corkscrew, to accomplish this task.

La Maison du Terroir has cooperated with the sought-after hand tool factory in Taiwan, Hi-Five Products Developing Co., to create a new generation of the old wine corkscrew. Bearing more than 20 years of experience in R & D and engineering of hand tools, the founder of Hi-Five Products Developing Co., Buddy HU has designed the new generation product, and it is completely made in Taiwan.

Several significant improvements were made to make the whole device handier and more easily to apply force. There are two longer, thinner blades and thicker screw threads to help to take the cork away. Besides, it comes with a durable and high-quality metal case. Additionally, the case is made by steel and metal material, which is completely sturdy and durable. All made a Terroir corkscrew be a perfect tasting companion.

- Made in Taiwan
- Granted patents in Taiwan, China and the EU
- 304 Stainless Steel
- Durable steel
- Longer, thinner blades to reduce the risk of disintegrating corks
- High-quality metal Case