Trio "S"

Cuvée expressing a great aromatic depth, consisting of a perpetual reserve started in 1998. This is the story of the domain that is counted to you. 


  • GRAPE: Meunier, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay
  • TASTE PROFILE:  Deep and intense, this cuvée is aged in perpetual reserve (solera) which started in 1998. This wine tells the story of our family estate. Every year we bottle one third of our reserve wine (some aged in wooden barrels and some in stainless steel) to make Trio S. This volume is replaced by wine from the latest harvest. The young wine brings energy and freshness whilst the older wines bring a sense of the past.The bottling and disgorgement dates are printed on the back label.
    • THE STORY: Dehours Champagnes are eagerly sought after by champagne enthusiasts for their renowned ‘Meunier style’; bold, flavourful and demonstrating a clear terroir-orientated approach.