ERIC BORDELET Corme 2020 - 50 cl

Wine Region: Loire Valley - France

Fruit: Corme

Tasting notes: The corm, also known as the service tree fruit, is a small seed fruit, yellowish and red, but can also be grey according to the specific variety. It gives a cider with aromas of small sun-ripened apples, but also quince, with a slight hint of potato. A very complex, concentrated palate, fine fruit, slightly grainy, crystalline.

About the winery:
During the 1980s, Eric Bordelet was one of the most influential figures in the Parisian wine scene, as he spent several years at the helm of the wine program at the illustrious Michelin Three-Star restaurant l’Arpège. Native of Normandy, he went back in 1992 and took over the family business of Cider production, encouraged by his close friend, Didier Dagueneau of Pouilly-Fumé. Along the way, he has become one of the greatest cider producers in the world.