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Royal Caviar Club employs traditional techniques at their farms, where high-quality caviar is crafted through entirely manual procedures. Throughout the production process, the sturgeon roes are meticulously kept fresh. Multiple steps, including ovary retrieval, roe selection, washing, dripping, and salting, are completed swiftly in a low-temperature environment by skilled caviar masters. 

Their mission is to make the culture of caviar accessible to everyone. What began as a passion project among gourmet enthusiasts has grown into a brand known for exceptional quality and unique taste.

Royal Caviar Club believes caviar is more than food—it's a lifestyle. Using traditional Russian and Iranian techniques, Royal Caviar Club ensures the highest quality through meticulous, manual processes. From roe selection to salting, every step is performed by expert caviar masters to deliver the freshest, finest caviar.



From farm to table, Royal Caviar Club provides only A-Grade caviar, sourced from the finest farms globally, selected based on seasonal availability. The caviar is produced in an environmentally friendly manner using sustainable farming methods. It is harvested from a select number of premier sturgeons raised in expansive rivers and lakes, mirroring conditions of wild sturgeon. Each tin of caviar is accompanied by a CITES certificate and comprehensive documentation, guaranteeing its quality and traceability.

Oxana Dragun, 'The Caviar Lady,’ Royal Caviar Club’s Russian-born founder is an acclaimed caviar culture expert. Her extensive knowledge and passionate advocacy elevate the art of premium caviar. Initially a passion project among diverse connoisseurs united by a love for exclusive, high-quality products, the club emphasizes traditional caviar production—minimal salt, no preservatives, ensuring a completely natural experience.