Domaine ABBATUCCI "Empire" 2019 (White)

Wine Region: Corsica - France

: Barbarossa

Tasting notes: This is a wine of great finesse and delicacy that marries its lovely mineral character to a spicy, floral side that is distinctly Corsican.

About the winery:
Located in southern Corsica, in the heart of the Taravo valley and at an altitude of around 100 meters, the estate is one of the oldest vineyards on the island.
The harvest is only manual, and during the vinification, only indigenous yeasts are used. Since 2000, the estate has been cultivated in biodynamic agriculture. The Domaine's production thus preserves the original and specific flavours of the Corsican terroir, taking into account nature and soils.
This vineyard is home to a unique collection of eighteen endemic grape varieties which today constitute a real treasure in the island's wine heritage.