Domaine ALBERT BOXLER Pinot Gris Grand Cru "Brand" 2017

Wine Region: Alsace - France

Grape: Pinot Gris

Tasting notes: Nose: Elegant and complex: pear, melon, and peach pit, a smoky touch. Delicate spicy nuances. Lemon confit. Palate: Creamy substance at the start while tasting perfectly dry. Fresh yellow fruits and citrus fruits. Tonic finish.

About the Winery:
This 13-hectare family estate, existing since 1673, now managed with talent by Jean Boxler (grandson of Albert) and his wife Sylvie, is one of the largest Alsatian houses. It gives all its nobility to the Sommerberg Grand Cru, a granite circus whose very steep hillside makes the work particularly difficult.

The domain is referenced 5 * in the Parker guide.