Domaine PARTAGE - GILLES BERLIOZ "Les Fripons" 2017

Wine Region: Savoie - France

Grape: Roussanne

Tasting notes: Aromas of dried apricot, hazelnut, and honey. The palate is fresh with a superb minerality where yellow and white fruits come together (lychee, yellow plum, apricot, peach).

About the winery:
Christine and Gilles Berlioz created the Domaine in 1990 and converted it into organic agriculture nine years later. Their constant questioning about the cultural practice and their cellars work, allows them to turn into a biodynamic. Today, the Domaine is founded on the interaction between the founders and the people who accompanied them. That is why they decided to rename the vineyard "Domaine Partage" (Shared Domaine).