GUY LHERAUD Cognac "Emotion" VSOP - 70cl

Wine Region: South-West - France

Eaux-de-Vie: Fine Petite Champagne

Tasting notes: Aromas of raisins with a touch of vanilla and creme brulee.

About the winery:
From 1860 to the present day, the family has forged a unique identity rooted in a distinctive land where passion and discretion are words to live by. Alexandre Lheraud, who settled in the Petite Champagne region to serve the local chatelain, or chateau keeper, was the first to plant vines in his garden. His descendant, Victor, Jean, Pierre, Eugene, Remy and Guy, followed in his footsteps. These men of fine temperament and steadfast work ethic expanded the estate and honed their method, passing down their memory of the land and the care they put into their product.