KADEKA Signature Wine Chiller KS 194 TL (194 bottles)

Free-standing unit or Built-in

Temperature: Single temperature zone 5-22ºC

Capacity: 194 bottles

• Inverter compressor
• Full rimless glass door frame
• Integrated handle
• Interior lighting: LED red, blue or red & blue cycle
• Control panel on door with LED temperature display in centigrade/fahrenheit
• 3 layered anti-UV full glass door in light blue tint
• 13 Telescopic Shelves with bottle stabilizer
• 2 wire rack
• 10 Label Tag
• Black cabinet
• Charcoal filter, temperature memory, built-in fan & lock
• Left Integrated Handle

Voltage/Power Input: 220-240V / 190W

Dimensions: H x W x D: 1835 x 655 x 685 (mm)

An international warranty is provided by Kadeka.
Subject to one month delivery.