L'ARLESIENNE Morgon Corcelette "Truges" 2021

Wine Region: Beaujolais - France

Grape: Gamay

Tasting notes

About the winery:
In 2020, Benoit Moreau, formerly part of Bernard Moreau wines, took a decisive step into an independent winemaking venture. Presently, he oversees and cultivates vineyards in both Chassagne and Saint-Aubin, showcasing his dedication to crafting exceptional wines. Building on this commitment, in 2021, Benoit extended his winemaking footprint into Beaujolais, where he acquired a substantial 1.7 hectares under the distinguished label L'Arlésienne, employing a similar approach to that of Chassagne-Montrachet Rouge. This strategic diversification underscores Benoit's continuous pursuit of excellence across diverse terroirs and grape varieties.