LE P'TIT DOMAINE Saumur-Champigny "Les Bois Blancs" 2014

Wine Region: Loire-Valley - France

Grape: Cabernet Franc

Tasting notes: A fresh wine with melted tannins. The palate is impeccably balanced with beautiful fruit, well structured and very good length.

About the winery:
Richard Desouche, the current vineyard manager of Clos Rougeard, found his vocation as a winemaker by creating his "P'tit Domaine". Richard created the Domaine in 2006, with 0.4ha of Cabernet Franc and 0.6ha of Chenin in the little village of Dampierre sur Loire. In 2010, Richard managed to increase the Domaine size with 1.4ha of Cabernet Franc in Varrains and Dampierre sur Loire. Finally, in 2016 he got the opportunity of owning 1.9ha of Cabernet Franc in Champigny. His Domaine is currently 4.5ha of vines.