WA SUD Monts de la Grage "Souriez" 2018

Wine Region: Languedoc-Roussillon - France

Grape: Syrah

Tasting notes: This "Souriez" is a pure, fresh, fluid, digestible Syrah with superb fruit.

About the winery:
Kohki Iwata decided to leave Osaka and start the life of a vigneron in France in 2008. After a few internships, he decided to settle down in 2016 and vinify his wines himself, buying the grapes at Domaine des Soulié where he worked before. Helped by a Japanese company to be able to get started, Wa Sud was created in 2017. The vinified wines are without inputs, pure juice. The production is low (around 5,000 bottles) and the quality is really there.