The three-starred Michelin chef and the energetic wine producer from the Rhône. United in their love for the terroir, for many terroirs. United in their passion for food-wine pairings.

Anne-Sophie Pic and Michel Chapoutier have a great deal in common. One of the most obvious things they share is humility.

Michel's humility towards Nature, his land, reflected by "Fac and Spera" (do and hope), the motto on the family coat of arms. Anne-Sophie's humility is obvious from the fact that she prefers to be referred to as a cook rather than a Michelin-starred chef. They also share a common quest for high standards, innovation and modernity. They instinctively look to other cultures, different ways of approaching wine or cuisine. They have built up real expertise, all of it self-taught. They share the conviction that taste is not, and can never be an exact science. It is about being bold and interpreting things your own way.

Then came the idea of working together. Together they would create a range of Anne-Sophie Pic & Michel Chapoutier wines. Creating the communion of a dish and a wine is a fascinating exercise. It results from a will, expectations and inspiration. The tastes draw a palette, then the flavours sketch themselves in.

The surprise comes when a wine is given a very different character by the dish it accompanies, or when a meat expresses itself superbly with an unexpected wine.